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How this Influenced my career?  Technology has made our jobs and lives a lot less complicated.
What you learned from it ?

How this influenced/would influence your career?

Blended Learning is the new way of teaching.

    1. My understanding of blended learning is a combination of face to face instruction as well as online learning. According to Garrison (2011) “we need to be careful not to be too restrictive by setting rigid boundaries.” (76) Blending learning does not have to be 50% face to face and 50% online learning. It better to just have a combination of both for some student they preferred to work online a little more and they work better and we also have the students that like the face to face traditional teaching a little more until they fell conferrable doing thing online.
    2. The benefits:
      1. It is a great way for student to interact with the instructor using technology, every class will be different.
      2. Student will get individual feedback
      3. Student can review the lesson online.
      4. Student can be anywhere in the world and still get the same education without traveling to the college.

  1. The challenges:
    1. According to Garrison (2011) one of the many challenges will be that instructors would be requires to come up with new ideas and approaches in teaching. Instructor must work on new lesson plans.
    2. Instructor would have to change the way they teach and incorporate online teaching as well.
    3. Instructor would have more work giving individual feedback to all their students, that can be a lot of work depending on the number of students.


ETEC 676 iMovie:

Every class in the Instructional Technology I have learned so many new different ways to use technology.  In ETEC 676 I learn how to create videos.  The first thing is to tell a story, in my first iMovie I ask my sister if I could borrow some of the pictures from her wedding and I let her know that I was going to create a little movie with her pictures and she loved the idea.  First I wrote her story on how my sister meet her husband, I organized the picture in chronological order then I upload them in to my mac and using iMovie.   I was able to add transitions and music another tool that I used was audacity, I was able to record her story. I had to buy the rights to the song I used for this movie, then I upload it to you tube. It’s a simple process but it just takes time.  In ETEC 676 I learned Different ways to capture audio, different audio formats, learn to use audacity, noise removal effect, import music and audio in to the movie and use special effects.  I learn a lot about copy right and how to get royalty free services.  Using QuickTime help in my last project. in this class I learn about the different audio files like .WAV, .AIFF, .Ogg Vorbis, .flac, .mp4a and ,MP3  all this was new to me, but now I am able to record my voice or make a movie just using my iPhone and my MAC.


Garrison, D. R. (2011). E-Learning in the 21st century (2nd ed.). New York: Routledge. ISBN-13: 978-0415885836; ISBN-10: 0415885833

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